Karlaramirezz1 Nude (Dad Buys Daughters OnlyFans)


Karla Ramirez (Karlaramirezz1) sex tape and nudes leaked after my DAD / FATHER has been buying my OnlyFans through not one but two accounts.

Karla Ramirez’s Dad secretly became Top Paying Customer of her incestuous porn subscription. Karla Ramirez, 21, was shocked to discover that her biological dad was her biggest customer under phony names, who had spent hundreds on making her perform X-rated acts for him on OnlyFans

My dad – yes, my DAD — has been buying my OnlyFans through not one but two accounts, and was a personal client of mine on both accounts for over a year, and the only way I found out is because he called me to play with myself for $150 and I could hear my mum in the back ground talking on the phone. But It’s not illegal for your father to buy your nudes. Karla Ramirez (KarlaRamirezz1) revealed in a shocking TikTok video.

David Ramirez, Karla’s father, had forgotten to mute himself and she heard her mother in the background of the videocall talking on the phone.

Karla went on to say that she believes her father has been using false Facebook and Snapchat profiles to catfish her since she was in middle school.

She claimed that her mentally ill mother was financially supported by her father. At present, her mother and brother are staying at her grandmother’s place.

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Date: February 17, 2023