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New collections of Jazmen Jafar (Jazmen00) well-known as the ex-lawyer who quit being an attorney (job) to become an OnlyFans to server her fans sex tape and nude adults contents. She now makes more money and is happier. Lawyer & hoe Jazmen Jafar had been working as an attorney for just under six months when she decided on a career change. The 27-year-old self described digital creator, left the courtroom for a camera. She joined OnlyFans full time and this year alone.

Jazmen00 has already earned more than $180,000 in the first three months of the year. Prior to OnlyFans, Jazmen Jafar was earning a salary of $75,000, according to Business Insider. Jafar six figures were earned mainly through subscriptions which cost $6.99 per month. Much cheaper than the average lawyer hourly rate.

Jafar said she was tired of living her life for others and following a path her family set out.

The content creator, who posts nude photos and videos on the platform, launched her OnlyFans account in early 2021 before joining the law firm in October that year. She then moonlighted as a content creator to boost her earnings and eventually quit her legal career in March 2022.

I was working at the law firm during the day and at night I would come home and film content, she said. I’d film all weekend too. It was always awkward going into the office on Monday and colleagues would ask how I spent my weekend and I’d say, Just relaxing indoors, when really I was filming myself sucking dildos or whatever. JASMEN PART2! CLICK HERE


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